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Radio communication has become a very important media through which listeners can be informed on matters of world news, economic trends, numerous development issues concerning Societies and communities, Sports, entertainments and more important matters concerning spiritual nurture. The impact of radio on the development of our country is tremendous. Its ability to influence and shape people is significant. As such there can never be enough broadcasting stations to cover the varied tastes.
Radio Safina gets its mandate to operate through its legal registration and licensing.
Safina Radio 92.6 FM. is registered under the name of ‘’Safina Radio and Television’’, with registration No. 143709 of March 2004. It is an independent non-denominational, none-profit making Christian Radio.
Safina Radio Programs are also touching on other religions. It operates 24 hours.
In addition to radio program, a hall has been constructed at Mbauda to accommodate up to 5000 people. The hall is being used for preaching the word of God, praise and worship, to share appropriate practical knowledge, skills and messages of hope and advices from various experts who are willing to share and to educate people on various aspects of life as messages of hope to improve on their standards of living. To share community health knowledge, education, environment, nutrition, good behavior and conduct for youths and even adults, women/men’s behavior and expected relationships and marriages.

It has always been the intension of Safina to produce good quality, relevant and attractive program for every age group, gender and strata of the society. To network with the existing like organizations for mutual benefits. All program and teachings that take place in this hall are transmitted to all places reached by the present
Safina Radio network .The two works together closely ie the Hall and the Radio
Safina radio has come up at the time of significant spiritual awakening among the people when there seems to be a great hunger for the word of God and hence the presence of willing – audience

                   You can support us in following Addressees
1. Bank Transfer: CRDB Bank, Tshs A/c No. 01J10-35501100,

    US$ A/c No. 02J10-35501100, Swift CORUTZTZ
2. M-Pesa (Vodacom): 0758-366518; Zap (Zain): 0784-366518



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Safina Radio and Television is located at Kaloleni. This is the location of Safina Radio studio complex. Transmission facility is located at Temi Hill. The Hall is located at Mbauda.
Coverage Area
Current Geographical coverage of Safina Radio is the Regions of Arusha, Manyara, Kilimanjaro, Tanga, Singida,Iringa and Kigoma. It is also spilling over to portions of the neighbourig areas of Dodoma, Morogoro, Dar-es-Salaam and Taveta in Kenya. Plans to cover Dodoma, Musoma, Tunduru and Rombo are in progress.

Core Values.
Honesty, Integrity, Commitment, Determination, Efficiency, Transparency, Quality Service, Customer Satisfaction.

afina Radio Vision Statement is: A people under the umbrella of the Word of God blessed mentally, physically and spiritually.
To teach the word of God praise, worship, prayers intercession, development issue and technological programs.
The Fountain of Abundant Life “Chemi-chemi Ya Uzima Tele”
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